The Stager Family

March 12, 2012
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Vanessa, Cliff and little Wyatt Stager joined me for a photo shoot in Palos Verdes. We made a few stops to get as many pictures as possible of their adorable family, and I have to say I loved every minute of it. Wyatt is probably the coolest 8 month old ever (not to mention the cutest!) and his parents just radiate love. Enjoy this little snippet of our adventure!
Vanessa and I had both dreamed about this photo, and I’m really happy with how it came out:)

 This one is my absolute favorite from the shoot!


But seriously though, how cute is Wyatt!

An 8-month old that can high five is pretty cool in my book!
Another fav: 

Mom appreciation picture!

And then someone got a little tired…
So we snapped a few pictures of Mom and Dad to end the day! 🙂
She’s beautiful, right?!


[…] they were my very first clients and have been so supportive as I have grown my business. Their first shoot (look if you dare!) took place when Wyatt was only 8 months old and we have had so much fun since. […]