Every person is following a path in their life that they have created specifically for them. Some paths may look similar or feel the same, but the power of someone’s mind seems to make their way truly theirs. That’s what makes us unique and feel special. That’s why we take pride in our choices, our success, and even our failures.

But then the unexpected happens. We turn right instead of left, we choose wrong over right, we meet our “someone.”

He looks at her and suddenly everything changes. Sure, he’s still the same person with the same beliefs and same past, but all of a sudden he sees a future with her in it. All the plans he has made for his life now include her. In fact, they’re no longer his plans but their plans.

It’s the typical boy meets girl story. They meet, fall in love, and then promise to stitch together their “forevers” to turn them into one. But something about this story always tears at my heart strings (and please excuse the terrible cliche.) When someone finds the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, it IS special and oh so beautiful.

As I write this I’m sitting on a tree stump at a dog park watching an elderly couple across from me. His hand gently rests on her shoulder and even after all these years she still can’t hide her prideful smile. It’s realizations like these that remind me constantly why I want to be a wedding photographer. I think love is the most beautiful thing, and if there’s a day where everyone you care about can celebrate your love with you then that memory should be something you can hold on to forever. I want to take pictures that will sit on a persons mantle for the rest of their life. I want to work in the industry of love… And so I will.


That was beautiful! I could picture it exactly : )