Kaelan and Matt • Maternity

March 19, 2012
They made the big move from Atlanta to California four years ago for Matt’s job in the Air Force. When he proposed to Kaelan at the Grand Canyon, their story began… On April 14, 2012, they will be welcoming their first baby to their family (although by the way Kaelan spoke about their chocolate lab, it is more like their second). Since the baby’s gender will be a surprise, s/he currently goes by the name “Shadynasty.” I can’t wait to meet little Shady in a little under a month!
Kaelan is a beautiful person inside and out. When I first met her she told me that she wasn’t photogenic. Well, Kaelan, I’d have to say I respectfully disagree. You are absolutely gorge!
The number 8 is very symbolic to Kaelan and Matt. It all started the day they met, when they both happened to be wearing shirts with the number 8 on it. Even on our shoot we ended up choosing Eighth Street to walk down without even noticing! I’m sensing an eight-lettered name in this baby’s future…
This is probably my favorite frame of the day.
 Thank you Kaelan and Matt for braving the winds today and sharing such a beautiful experience with me. Baby Shady is very lucky to have such fun and selfless parents!