Do you ever have those days where you feel like your head might explode? I used to feel like that all the time my first semester of college, and at the time the only things I had to worry about were school and a long distance relationship. A year and a half later my list has grown significantly. School, work, trying to start a business, organizing a fundraiser, looking for a new apartment… it just goes on and on. And I am about as nerdy as a person gets (I’m still trying to get perfect attendance about 10 years after all my friends stopped caring about such a thing), but today I am letting myself go. Today I am taking a personal day.

Now that I’m sitting here on my bed with Jackson snoring next to me and a half-finished lunchable begging for attention on my nightstand, I wonder… what does one do on a personal day? All I can think about is editing pictures, setting up photo shoots, cameras, lenses, flashes, projects, and poses- oh my! I suppose I’ll have some one-on-one with Jasmine Star (more specifically her magazine *ahem*) and celebrate the sunny 40 degree weather with a glass of lemonade.  Can’t go wrong there, right?

Heres to a break from the insanity!