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As I’ve grown a successful business over the past few years, I discovered a passion for teaching and being a source of encouragement in the photography community. I’ve also realized how hard it is for small business owners to ask for help. So many of us have a dream and dive in head first. We become so engulfed in the things we didn’t plan for- emails, design, taxes, contracts- that we forget why we started this whole journey in the first place.

So let’s go back to the beginning. Ask yourself: Why are you a photographer?

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Investment + What to Expect

One-on-one coaching sessions are $300. Your session includes an hour long one-on-one at a local coffee shop (treats on me!) where we can review the areas of your business that need a little help. While your coaching worksheet will be individualized, I am also available to answer your questions so be sure to come prepared. Then some headshots by yours truly followed by a guided shooting demonstration with real clients.

Just want to learn how to use you camera properly? I also offer Hobbyist Level coaching sessions where we will cover the basics. This session includes an hour of one-on-one discussion + question and answer, followed by 15 minutes of a guided shooting demonstration.

These sessions are aimed towards professional photographers but can also be beneficial to any small business owner!

Here are some educational blog posts to get you started:

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