Good Day Sunshine

So I'm guessing you're here because something big and amazing and exciting is about to happen. Maybe you have a new ring on your finger and want to capture this fast & wonderful season of life, or you've set a date for that one day- you know- the big one, or its time to finally update the photos of your sweet family because time just moves too quickly. You want to remember it all, and I want to help. Every unplanned moment, fit of laughter, exxttrraa tight hug, maybe a tear or two, rogue wave, and surprising gusts of wind. Its the good stuff you wish you could bottle up and save for later...

I don't have a way to bottle those moments, but I do have a camera.

My name is Jessica Hickerson and I am a photographer for life's most joyful moments. And I promise someday you will look back on these photos we make together and remember how that day felt, not just what it looked like. 

Joyfully serving clients since 2012

and currently booking 2020 weddings +
sessions in the South Bay and beyond!