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For over a year Andrea and I talked about being pregnant together. She loves her first little nugget + being a mama so much and dreamed of becoming a family of four.  Sam and I were newlyweds and I shared all my secrets of wanting to start a family. Our husbands would laugh at the “plans” we made during our weekly walks, saying we were two peas in a pod just trying to map out every step.  When Sam and I’s journey became more of a struggle, Andrea was there every step of the way. We would always look forward to “next month” hoping and praying that was when it would finally happen for us.

One October evening Andrea and Ryan invited us over for dinner and their son Knox handed me a pregnancy journal, but it was empty. Thinking nothing of it at the time, I laughed at the prompts and read some of them aloud to the group. They looked at each other and spilled the beans about their little bean. “I’m pregnant! Only a few weeks along” They had just started trying and never expected it to happen so quickly. We hugged and rejoiced for this sweet life, already crossing our fingers for a little girl. Andrea caught my eye and I excused myself for a moment. To breathe. To collect myself. To keep my sorrow within and only share in their joy. I think every woman that has been in my shoes would understand. The news of a friend’s pregnancy (or even a stranger for that matter) can simultaneously break your heart and fill you with overwhelming happiness when you are wishing for a baby of your own. But I knew I needed to rejoice with her in the same way she would rejoice with me, Someday.

Well “Someday” ended up being just a couple weeks later. The same day we saw the second line show up on a test, we rushed over to their house to share the news. We later found out we were only a week and a half apart… A WEEK AND A HALF. I don’t even know how it happened. This distant dream we joked about over a year ago was now our beautiful reality.

Being pregnant at the same time as one of your best friends is truly the best thing ever. Every step of the way we have been able to share all of the crazy, weird, and amazing things that happen in those 9 months. She found out they were having a girl and a couple weeks later we got the same news. We’ve planned our nurseries together and have already purchased way too many cute baby things between the two of us. Soon we will be throwing each other’s baby showers and then finally this summer our daughters will be here. And they will get to be each other’s first friends. (cue all the hormonal tears)

Since this little mama’s belly decided to pop way early and her baby has an eviction notice for the first week of June, we decided to take their family maternity photos at 27 weeks. Which ended up being peeerrrfect timing for California’s “superbloom.” (Seriously we have been so lucky!)  Here are a few favorites from yesterday:


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  • Emery - As someone who hast struggled with infertility and trying to conceive for over 5 years, I understand the sorrow you felt. My favorite quote I once read was, it is possible to experience sorrow and heartbreak for yourself while feeling joyous for someone else’s happiness. It has been a joy seeing you so incredibly happy about your pregnancy and I wish you all the best. Beautiful pictures, a beautiful story, and told by a beautiful person. ❤ReplyCancel

  • Anya Kernes - These are absolutely breathtaking, Jessica!ReplyCancel

  • Dickherber • Family Session » Jessica Hickerson Photography - […] loved getting them in front of my camera. A little over a year ago I was capturing some moments before they had baby #2 and now here they are- a family of four! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone.  Our girls […]ReplyCancel

Pregnancy brain is a very real thing. I wrote this post a week ago.


If you follow my Instagram you might have seen some photos from our spontaneous BABYMOON on Maui. We literally dropped everything and got on a plane within 48 hours of buying the tickets. The opportunity came up as more of a joke. My parents had won an all expense paid trip to Maui which included a huge hotel suite. They called us from the hotel and joked that we should come join them. I laughed and said “yeah right!” while Sam quietly searched for flights on his phone. It turns out we could fly for free using his American Airlines points and even extend our stay in the suite using Marriott points. (P.s. everyone should have rewards credit cards!!) After thinking it over for about 20 minutes we clicked purchase and were off to our favorite place!






The week was so incredibly fun and relaxing. We explored the road to Hana, whale watched from the infinity pool, swam in a waterfall, had dinner dates every night, got caught in a couple insane rainstorms, and ate as many tropical treats as my little pregnant heart desired. While we were there Sam got to feel baby move for the first time (she hasn’t stopped moving since!) and we could even see my belly shift a couple times. Which honestly is 59% creepy and 41% so amazing I want to cry. At 22 weeks I was certainly feeling pregnant- aka hungry and tired- but not looking it at all! The last morning there we finally took our first bump picture, but what you don’t see is Sam yelling at me from behind the camera saying “stick your stomach out! more!”


While laying by the pool sipping virgin drinks, we talked endlessly about this little bean in my belly that is already changing our lives. Arguing about names, who’s going to cuddle her in the middle of the night, and the person she will eventually become. We are both so in love, and every time Sam talks about her the tone in his voice changes and his eyes fill with happy tears… It makes my heart swell with so much love for him. Her daddy.

I said it in my wedding vows and I’ll say it again, “No matter how many dogs or kids fill our home, I will always love you more.”


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The week before their wedding it rained. And rained and rained. It was one of those “are we still in California?” kind of storms that made everyone worry about that little cloudy picture on the weather forecast. Everyone, that is, besides Nicole and Colton. After meeting in high school, falling in love in college, and sticking by one another’s side through grad school cross-country moves, they were so excited to be getting married- rain or shine!

As they made their way to Danza Del Sol Winery just hours before the ceremony, the rain turned to a drizzle which turned to nothing more than cloud cover. It ended up being the most beautiful day. From the weather, to the details filled with hints of maroon and navy, to happy tears sneaking out of multiple guests eyes, Nicole and Colton’s wedding was the true definition of a celebration.

Congrats to the sweet newlyweds, and thank you both for being a couple of the best clients this photographer could ever ask for!

Photographer: Jessica Hickerson Photography

Venue: Danza Del Sol Winery

Florist: Sweet Pea Floral Creations


“One, two, three, open!” Always love First Looks.












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Week 15. After taking a genetic blood test, I fell into the routine of harassing my doctors office until they had the gender results. No, seriously. They promised to call me within the week, so once those 7 days passed I was calling once… twice… even three times a day.

Ever since I was a kid I would say I wanted one daughter. Partially because I aspired to be Lorelai Gilmore and because that is all I knew as my parent’s only child (and I think you want what you know, you know?). Sam’s love of big families and an entirely different aspiration to be Zeek Braverman led us to agree on having more than one. (P.s. if you’re not getting these references you have some serious Netflixing to do.) BUT I desperately clung to my dream of having a girl first, and when we found out we were pregnant I was not ashamed to tell everyone this. You know those parents that say “oh we would be happy with whatever as long as he/she is healthy”? That definitely wasn’t me. So of course our friends and family were all secretly betting it would be a boy, because I wanted it too much and oh-yeah-that-whole-genetic-thing of Sam having mostly boys on his side…

We decided on the perfect boy name just after taking the genetic test which made me feel a little better “just in case.” I knew it was a girl. It had to be. But as the test results took longer, I was starting to feel like it was a sign this little bean was a boy. I accepted it, embraced it, and admitted that baby boy clothes at Target are cuter anyhow.

I continued with my harassing until I finally got a nurse to help me track down my results. Sam was at work and I had been texting him complaining about how annoying it was to wait… but then I found out… and he still wouldn’t be home for a couple hours. So I raced to the store to get balloons, flowers, and cookies to tell him the news since I was too excited to tell him about my positive pregnancy test in a cute way. He opened the door and started walking toward our bedroom. I thought my heart would explode, or that I would pee, either way I was so excited to tell him….


IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I think even the bean was doing a celebratory dance because that night was also the first time I felt her move. As you can image, Sam and I and our families are all SO stinkin excited!

P.s. I haven’t taken any bump photos yet because I feel awkward, especially when there is nothing to show. But here I am paddle boarding at 15 weeks. I can’t wait to have a big old belly and still be balancing on this board- oh what a sight I’ll be!


Week 17. Aka that one time I almost fainted in Target. During the second trimester it has been easy for me to forget that I’m pregnant. My lack of a “belly” and virtually symptom-less pregnancy (besides headaches and congestion) have me feeling more like someone trying to recover from a cold that ate one too many breakfast burritos. So forgetting I’m pregnant means forgetting to eat every 2-3 hours like I’m supposed to.

I was in one of the far corners of Target when I started to feel a little dizzy. I decided it was time to check out and I’d get food on the way home. All of a sudden I get really hot and felt like I might pass out. So I just sit down in the middle of the aisle. My ears were ringing and my sight was so blurry that I felt like I was lost in a tunnel. I thought maybe I could make it to Starbucks, but when I tried to stand my legs said NOPE. Then I remembered there was Gatorade in my cart so with every ounce of effort I had, I reached up to grab one and chugged it like it was the first drink I’ve had all year. That gave me the energy to make it to checkout where I ate a milkyway in line and apologized to the cashier later.

Now the only reason I’m telling this story is because at least 10 people (including Target employees) walked passed me during my little “episode” and not a SINGLE one asked if I was okay. Granted I’m not obviously pregnant, but I’d like to think that if the roles were reversed I would have offered some help. It’s a weird time in our country where people are angry and fighting for change; that change has to start with individuals simply willing to offer a hand to one another. I don’t mean to get preachy, really, but its time for us all to stop being selfish. Let’s be kind humans.


P.s. if anyone has any recommendations for local + handmade shops that sell super cute, itty bitty baby clothes I’d love to hear them!


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  • Angelina King - Check out Kumquat in Eagle Rock. They also have adorable California-themed alphabet flashcards like A is for avocado and E is for Earthquake. Lol!ReplyCancel

Monica and Ryan made plans to travel across the country to say their vows in Joshua Tree on the first day of winter. They had never been there before but something about that mysterious place was calling to them. They share a passion for hiking and in their 6 years together have always know they would get married in a nontraditional way. Winter Solstice in the middle of the California desert just made sense.

The hours leading up to their ceremony it was pouring rain. There were flash flood warnings on the freeway and reports of hail in the desert. But Monica and Ryan kept their spirits high as they got ready at the Ace. I met them at their hotel room and then we drove into the park through the storm clouds. The moment we stepped out of the car in Joshua Tree, the rain stopped and the wind was calm. We walked through dirt and cactus until they found a spot for the ceremony that felt right. Besides the occasional howl of a coyote, the palpable quiet made it feel like there wasn’t another soul for miles. The sun peeked in and out from behind the clouds as they read their promises to one another and exchanged rings. It was the perfect day.

Monica and Ryan, thank you thank you thank you for asking me to be a part of your elopement. I will never forget how calm and happy you were that day, and like I told you before I would shoot 1,000 more weddings just like yours! I’m especially grateful you asked me to be your witness as well- what a huge honor and a big check off my wedding photographer bucket list 😉


Photography: Jessica Hickerson Photography

Flowers: My Little Flower Shop

Dress: Stone Fox Bride

MUAH: Ace Hotel Spa

Officiant: The Vow Keeper

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  • Adeyling - Hi! I love all of your photos! Can you tell me where exactly in Joshua Tree did you take these photos? I love the location!ReplyCancel

    • Jessica - Hi Adeyling! This was close to the Hidden Valley Picnic Area 🙂 But truly every inch of Joshua Tree is gorgeous!ReplyCancel