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One of my favorite parts of being home is going to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Some may call my relationship with “the bean” an addiction, but I like to think of it as encouragement.. and boy does that coffee make me into a go-getter! In fact, I think I’ll go again in the morning!

(p.s thats my camera-shy mom!)
I remember a few weeks ago I was day dreaming about coming home for spring break. Now that I am actually here I just feel so relaxed and happy, its absolutely wonderful. You know how sometimes time seems to move at the perfect speed? Thats happening right now. I don’t have to be stressed because I have all the time in the world to day dream… but I also don’t have to day dream because somehow I’m finding a way to make my dream a reality! Ah, I love life.
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Today I had the opportunity to do a shoot for a family I have known my entire life, and their newest addition- 10 week old Lauren Samms! I also got to spend some time with Nathan, an energetic and adventurous 5 year old:)

I found out that Nathan loves to have his picture taken- which was so much fun for me!

and of course boys will be boys…

It was so sweet to see how much Nathan loves his little sister.

I have a minor obsession with taking pictures of pictures in frames… but in my defense I just think its so homey and cute to see that in a house!


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On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Vanessa, Cliff and little Wyatt Stager joined me for a photo shoot in Palos Verdes. We made a few stops to get as many pictures as possible of their adorable family, and I have to say I loved every minute of it. Wyatt is probably the coolest 8 month old ever (not to mention the cutest!) and his parents just radiate love. Enjoy this little snippet of our adventure!
Vanessa and I had both dreamed about this photo, and I’m really happy with how it came out:)

 This one is my absolute favorite from the shoot!


But seriously though, how cute is Wyatt!

An 8-month old that can high five is pretty cool in my book!
Another fav: 


Mom appreciation picture!

And then someone got a little tired…
So we snapped a few pictures of Mom and Dad to end the day!:)
She’s beautiful, right?!


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That’s the only word to describe it. Blessed. Please always tell me that if you think positive thoughts and focus on what you want, you can pretty much have, be, and DO anything. I think I might finally understand what they mean. I want to be a photographer. I’ve told that to the universe, God and pretty much everyone I’ve ever met for years now, and today I finally heard okay.

I can’t wait for my first family shoot today, my first baby shoot on wednesday, and my first mini-maternity shoot on saturday… 
See? So blessed.

On a side note: can I just go out on a limb here and say that my dog has possibly the cutest nose thats ever been created?

Happy Sunday!

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